I have realized that I have become more and more against buying a new car. Sounds a bit harsh but the more that I think about it the more it makes sense. Specially when I think about high-end cars like Mercedes S or BMW 7-series or GT cars. This blog started with me thinking about maybe changing my own car, so I will take my own car as an example. It’s a 2004 BMW 645 with pretty much all the options that where availabe at the time, only two options it does not have (that was available for it) are night vision and adaptive cruise, yes BMW had these options at the high end cars already 20 years ago. And let’s say I would sell it and buy a new car and the important part a similiar or better car then it is, I would end up paying 132 350 eur, which is a BMW 840i xDriver Coupe which would be a similiar BMW that my own was back in 2004. Well it is not the same as BMW ended the 6-series coupe and took the 8-series coupe back, not the same model, but both are the biggest coupes BMW has, 6 in 2004 and the 8 in 2023. Prices are also pretty much the same as mine would have been back in 2004.

Now a similiary specced car with all the options I have are priced at around 16-20 000 eur. But it would be really difficult to find one with the same options, as it has a rare combination of interior trim and color, red seats, dark gray dash with black marmor trim and exterior saphirschwarz metallic with extra chrome package and small details like illuminating door sills when you open the door. Ok, so lets say you find one for lets say 18 000 eur so that we can compare and speculate new against old.

Price, well 18 000 eur vs 132 350 eur is a no brainer, unless you have just won the lottery or just done a bank heist. But still, is a the new one worth an extra 114 350 eur? Well, lets compare the comfort, options, etc.

Perfromance, yes the new one is quicker but how much quicker?
The 2004 BMW 645Ci with the SMG transmission hits 0-100 km/h in 5,4 seconds and the 2023 BMW 840i XDrive Coupe hits 100 km/h in 4,9 seconds. Is 0,5 seconds quicker 0-100 km/h time worth 114 350 eur?

Comfort and driveability, is the new one more comfortable and better to drive?
I would say, not really, both have pretty much the best seats BMW offers, well with 19 years apart, but still, 19 years ago BMW’s 645Ci sports seats with multifunction electronic adjustment, I would say where about just as good as the new 2023 seats in the 840i XDrive Coupe has today.
The driveability has one major difference back wheel drive vs all wheel drive, is the xDrive better than the back wheel drive? The xDrive is probably better in slipery conditions and give a certain amount of more stability in dry conditions as well, but I still prefer back wheel drive.
I would say the only difference is the driving and parking assistant the 840i xDrive has. The BMW Driving Assistand Proffesional is really good and it makes it more safe and in a way it’s hip and cool, but does it really make the car better to drive? I say NO.

So the conlcusion of comfort and driveability is just as good in the 2004 as in the 2023.

So really, what more do you get for 114 350 eur else than a newer car? Well some driving assistand and yes you have all the multimedia screens in the new one vs the 2004, but still in my 2004 I have a big multimedia screen and it even has the TV function, only thing I don’t have in my car that I sometimes miss is the bluetooth connection from my phone and there is no internet in the car itself. But does it really matter if I don’t have internet in my car? NO. Does it really matter if I don’t have bluetooth connection to my phone in my car? NO.

The design and looks of the cars?
This is a matter of opinion and I like both cars. Both are beautiful and both look amazing, so it comes down to personal opinion of what kind of style you like.

The status of the cars?
To me I could not give a fuck about the status, because I have never bought a car to impress people nor have I ever cared about what other people think about my car or what kind of status it give me, because for me I buy a car because I LIKE THE CAR and I think we should always buy what we like and not because you try to give yourself a status in other people’s minds.

One could argue about the new vs old car forever, but one tiny detail makes it a nobrainer, 114 350 eur difference.

Would I buy a new one if I just won the lottery? Probably yes, but not the same car, I would buy an everyday cruiser like a new Rolls Royce Phantom extended to cruise along to buy some groceries and keep my 2004 BMW 645Ci as a sunday cruiser when the sun comes out.

BMW 2004 645Ci
BMW 2023 8-series coupe
BMW 2004 645Ci interior
BMW 2023 8-series interior
2023 Rolls Royce Phantom Extended

Rolls Royce – Rolls Royce
BMW 645 – Jari Photography