We live in a time where an old car is not neccesarry old as we picture it. Let’s say around 2000 a 20 year old car was really old, but now in 2023 a 20 year old car is from 2003 which is not old in the same way.

And today if you want a high end luxury car you don’t neet to rob a bank or win the lottery. The only difficulty is to find a car that is in shape, because even if today a 20 year old car does not look and feel old, the fact is that it is 20 years old and it could be a rustbucket if it has not been mainteined properly.

So to the cars, what can you get with let’s say 5000 eur, 10 000 eur or 20 000 eur. Let’s make some criteries the car has to have, to be a comfortable luxury style car that still feels cool in todays world. Of course one big difference from new cars are the dashboard, basically analog vs ipad dashboards, personally I prefer old school analog dashboards. So the things the car has to have, not going into the details like cruise control etc, only some “bigger” specs.

Automatic transmission
Of course you have to be able to cruise down the beach boulevard with ease without having to do anything but enjoy the sunset while driving and the car is taking care of the shifting so that you can relax.

On a hot summer day you want to be able to stay cool even in a suit on a hot summer day.

Leather seats with electric adjustments
A luxury car need a leather interior and when you are a millionaire you should not have to use manual labor to adjust your seats, but instead just press a button to adjust the seat.

Let’s start with the 5000 eur budget and a couple of examples.

5000 eur budget luxury car

A 1998 Jaguar XJ 4.0 V8 (model code X308 1997-2003) with 155 000 km would be a perfect luxury car that is timeless and still make you feel like a millionaire when you drive it down the beach boulevard in the sunset.

Let’s then move to the next level, the 10 000 eur luxury car.

10 000 eur budget luxury car

A Mercedes Benz S 350 2007 (W221 2006-2013) is a perfect millionaire feel car, it does not even look old and you can get one for around 10 000 eur. And on top, the Mercedes Benz S (W221) is actually are really good car, both to drive and to be driven in.

And then to the big budget, 20 000 eur luxury car.

20 000 eur budget luxury car

Here we are with both 5 000 eur and 10 000 eur luxury cars and now with the big buget of 20 000 we want to look even cooler, so what would be more cool than cruise down the beach bouleavard on the French Riviera in a convertible luxury car?

A Jaguar XK 4,2 V8 Convertible 2004 with 178 000 km. The Jaguar XK is a beautiful car and with the convertible you can feel like a millionaire and stay classy and just enjoy the sunset on the French Riviera beach roads and end up in Monaco and drive up to the Monte Carlo casino and feel like James Bond.