I have always had a dream, well I have many dreams ever since I was little, one of them was to one day own my own boat.
It all started when I was just a small boy and was out with my grandpa in his old wooden outboard engine boat, it was small but for a little kid, it was like a huge yacht! And after my grandpa letting me be the captain and steer the boat the seed of one day having my own boat was planted.

In my teenage years I used to cruise around on the lake with our family boat which was a tiny boat, but I was the king of the lake crusing with a pirate flag on the boat, and well, most people took it with humor, but some uptight people where pretty offended by it… I mean get offended when a small kid trying to be cool and have fun! Well I had the time of my life, and that’s what counts!

My years have gone by since that day, but the dream has never faded, it has just become stronger year by year.

Now for the last couple of years I have tried to find a suitable boat to buy, but it has been a challenge to find one. I have looked at several boats throughout the years, but always something bad about them, neglected and too big of a project.

The search continues to become the captain of my own yacht… small boat… but who said you can’t call a small boat your yacht?