The Batmobile - BMW 645Ci
The Batmobile – BMW 645Ci

There are as many opinions about cars as there are people on earth and the opinions here are from a couple of people who are passionate about cars.

Our opinions affect the cars we drive ourselves while we are searching for the perfect replacementour cars, but is there such a thing as the perfect car? Probably not technically, but it is certain that there is a perfect car for just ourselves and that is what this is all about, to find that one car that is perfect for ourselves.

Two of us who are writing these are thinking about replacing the cars we drive now and what makes it interesting is that what we want from a car and what we drive now are totaly different. One of us drives a small family car, the Skoda Rapid and the other one of us drives a GT car, the BMW 645. Will we find replacements for our cars? Probably, but will we replace our cars? That is still a mystery that won’t be solved while writing this text.

We also want to bring you the emotions that different style cars bring as well as the emotions different cars from various price ranges bring so that it might help you find the car that is perfect for you.