I have always been intrigued about story telling and creating things that inspire, which give people something to bring back to their own life and help them cope with struggles of everyday life. Because I believe we all have struggles in our life, small and big. But you can’t really compare our struggles or say who’s struggle is the hardest as we all feel and experience struggles in our own way.

Even so, I believe an inspiration of even the smallest kind helps us all in our struggles. So how do we define an inspiration or how is an inspiration created that can inspire someone?

First step is to think about what inspires people in general? Or what makes a positive impact on an audience? In my opinion that is passion.

When you are able to show the passion you feel about the story you are telling to your audience, they will be inspired. Even if the audience would not at first have interest in your story, with passion you will get them interested.

The next question how do we define passion and how can we implement passion to our story telling? The first part, defining passion is relatively easy, it’s when you show great interest in something you are doing or something you like without becoming fanatic.

How do we implent that passion to our storytelling so that the audience can feel and experience our passion? That’s a challenge everytime you tell a story as every audience is different. But with any audience the first you need to do is to get their attention, even just for a brief moment, and when you have that moment you have to show them your passion about your subject you are telling the story about.

Getting the attention part is easy, you just need to do something that will get the whole audience to give up anything they are doing and to concentrate on you, the easiest way to accomplish this is to be loud and do something suprising at the same time.

Ok, this was the easy part, here comes the more difficult part, getting them to see and feel your passion. Now back in to having gotten the attention of the audience, everyone is stearing at you, this is your chance to show them your passion. How you do this depends on your subject and the story you are telling. But once they see your passion they will listen.

Now we have an audience that listens, next is to get them to believe in our story. You might ask why does the audience need to believe in our story, well it doesn’t have to, but if you want to create a movement you need to get them to believe in you.  Accomplishing your audience to see and feel your passion will help you to get them to believe you which will be the seed for creating a movement.

How do I define a movement? Well this is easy, as I said you have your passion which was defined and to create a movement you need to get your audience to have a similiar passion about your subject. When you have that done, you will have a movement and your audience will share your passion to their audience, which could be their family, their friends, their co-workers, or even just random people they talk with.

So now we have established a passion, which we have been able to show our audience and they now believe in our passion and share it to their audience which created a movement.

We can define movement with just one word, which is brand. And what you just read is also the way of creating a brand. Well to be specific, it is the way of starting the creation of a brand.

Reading this, starting the creation of a brand sounds easy, well yes, defining the way of doing it is easy, but making it a reality is another story.

The best and most important brand you can create is the brand of you, because that will give you the ability to do good and inspire other people and at the same time we inspire each other we are creating a happier world to live in because inspired people tend to smile and be happy.