I have been planning to watch a movie, Enrico Piaggio – An italian dream, for a long time. Today I gave it a chance. This movie is based on a true story.

About fifteen minutes into the movie, the movie brought out a tear from my eye. This moment that brought out a tear was a moment that showed me that even in the worst of times there is always hope and we need to believe that everything will work out with time.

In this moment a man saves a young woman, even if the man did not know if there would be a tomorrow because he was trying to reubild his business. The man became like a father to this woman. Later this woman does not only save his business she also saves something much more important, she saves his love and his family.

This man that saved the woman, was a hero too, for example he risked his own life to save his employees in a time when he did not know about tomorrow. But this woman was the key to everything, the last little part that helped the man save his business. And while saving his business he also found love, so I see it that this woman both saved the man’s business and helped him find his love of his life and get a family.

The movie got me thinking about my own life and how I see women.

I believe women make life beautiful and women are the heroes of our lives, and I believe that thanks to women, there is warmth and soul in life. And this is the message in the poems that I write every day. As I said before in my text, I’m happy, the poems will stay private until I have written all the poems I’m going to write and made a book of them. But I’ll give you a small part of one of the poems:

Because then life,
Is a beautiful dream,

For the rest of this poem and all the other poems, you have to wait for the book.

This text was not inspired by this movie, the inspiration for this text is the woman who I write the poems for, she is a hero and an angel and she makes the world beautiful. I Thank You for making the world beautiful.