BMW E30 Coupe 1989
BMW E30 Coupe 1989 – photo taken by

Here are all the specs and factory options for my 1989 BMW 3 series E30 coupe.

My E30 is a 1989 316i Coupe with 5 speed manual transmission. The interesting part about my car is that it came with a lot of extra options that normally are only seen in the 320 or 325, electric mirrors and electric windows, rpm gauge, recaro seats, central locking and the M-sport suspension. The options it’s lacking is the air conditioner and rear locking differential and the ABS brakes and power steering. So even if it has the smaller four cylinder engine, it has really nice equipment.

When I first bought the car back in 2012, it had around 370 000 km on it (dont have a picture, but something around those figures). February in 2013 I hit 400 000 km with it, and a when the accident happened in 2016 it had around 430 000 km, and from then it has been sleeping and waiting for the day when I am able to bring her back into the living.

Even if it has a lot of kilometers when I bought it, it had a service manual with all services to this day all the way from the day she rolled out of the factory, which is pretty rare when you have a car that has so many kilometers on it.

For me it was an easy decission to buy, even if she has the small engine she was is such a good shape with service records all the way from the begining and with all the extra option she was loaded with that are rare in the 316i.

My 1989 BMW 3 series E30 coupe specs are fully stock execpt 3 things.
One, it is lowered (not to the ground), it has some regular sport shocks and springs but now with the repair and restoration it is gettine bilstein shocks accompanied with springs with a perfect preload.
Two, the wheels, it has 17 inch Beyern Mesh wheels, but even so, I still have the original BMW BBS Style 5 14 inch wheels in storage.
Three, the radio, I have changed the original radio and it has a Blaupunkt Madrid unit, which sits really good with the 80-90s style interior as it has no flashy or fancy big screens.
A small fourth modification is the BMW kidneys on the front grille is black (was black when i bought it).

I will try to find out the history as new for the BMW E30, as I’m really interested in why it had options as it does, because rarely someone orders these options with the small engine.

316i Coupe
Year 1989
Color Black
Engine M40B16 / 1596 cm3 / 71 kW / 145 Nm / inline 4 cylinder
Transmission 5 speed manual Getrag 240
Brakes Front disc / Rare drum

Below is the official factory codes for it. There are a few options I’m not totally sure about what they are.

The Dummy-SALAPA (0850 and 0925), I found on the web that the 0925 is shipping protection package (but I don’t have facts on this). The 0850 is unknown to me.

Also a bit funny is, 0958 Basic Package, Mexico, because the car was sold to Finland. I have tried to find out this package is but so far no answers.

Factory codes
Equipment specification: ECE
Transmission: AB 11
Steering: Linkslenker
Production date: 12.07.1989
Paintwork: 086 Schwarz (black)
Upholstery: 0275 SILBER (silver / gray)

Optional euipment
0199 without catalytic converter
0320 Deleted, model lettering
0500 Head.washer system/intensive cleaning
0545 Revcounter,km/h speedo,analogue clock+EC
0704 M Sports suspension
0827 National version scandinavia
0850 Dummy-SALAPA
0860 Additional turn indicator lamp
0925 Dummy-SALAPA
0958 Basic Package, Mexico

Some explanations on the options and equipment:
RPM Gauge
Electric windows
Electric sidemirrors
Recaro seats
The 0704 M Sports suspension means 51mm diameter shocks (these are rare as most have 46mm)
Wheels 14 inch BMW BBS Style 5 (I still have the original wheels in storage even if I don’t use them).

Bilstein shocks with lowered springs
Beyern Mesh wheels 17 inch
Blaupunkt Madrid radio unit

Read about the background story for my BMW 3 series E30 Coupe.

Photo credit: Jari Photography –

1989 BMW E30 Coupe 3 series specs
1989 BMW E30 Coupe 3 series specs
1989 BMW E30 Coupe 3 series specs
1989 BMW E30 Coupe 3 series specs
Rear view
Rear view
Rear left view
Rear left view
The interior with original recaro seats
The interior with original recaro seats
The original gauge cluster
The original gauge cluster