BMW E30 Coupe 1989 Beyern Mesh wheels
BMW E30 Coupe 1989 Beyern Mesh wheels

The begining of my love for BMW’s goes back all the way to 2003 when I bought my first BMW. It was a brand new facelifted estoril blau 2003 BMW 330Ci Clubsport E46. It was love at first sight. I did a lot of roadtrips from Finland to the French Riviera with the E46.

Life went on and 4 years later I moved to Asia and sold my 330Ci Clubsport and as a side note I know the person who owns it today which is really cool.

So I lived in Asia for a year and returned to Finland and bought an estoril blau BMW Z3 MCoupe and continued my roadtripping between Finland and the French Riviera with it, had it for around a year. After that I had just a basic little Volkswagen Polo as I need a cheaper car. And a little after that I was forced to sell the Polo and pretty much had to sell everything else I had as I as an entreprenuer I tried to survive the great financial crisis that was hitting the world.

At that time my life without a car started, using the bus and the subway for about two and a half years. During that 2 and a half years I was building my business back up with some success. Finally after being without a car for about 2 and a half years I was able to get a car. I couldn’t get anything expensive, but still I wanted something cool and started to look for older cars and after trying a few I found the 1989 BMW E30 coupe that I bought.

We have been through a lot with the E30, it has been stolen and found, it sat for awhile after the oilsump hit a huge bump and got cracked and at that time didn’t have money to fix it, then a little while after I finally was able to fix the oil sump and front shocks (that was the reason it hit so low in a bump) I was cruising one day back in October of 2016 when another car hit me. I got a bang on my arm and wrist but otherwhise I was ok but the car was not ok. But I was forced to put it in storage, well sitting outside as even if I would have had the money to fix it up, every garage that I called in Finland said that they don’t want the work, different explanations why, in too bad shape, to much work, etc.

Sometimes you feel like things are ment to be and ment to happen as I by many different good things that happened to my life during the last year and just found a repair and service garage for cars in Tallinn, Estonia. I told them about my old car and he just old me, bring the car here and I will fix it. Well I will tell more about the repair shop Pro Hooldus later, but for now I’ll just say, what an amazing place.

So, now after it has been sitting for many years the repairs and restorations have begun and at the end of Septmeber in 2020 I will take it to Pro Hooldus in Tallinn, Estonia.